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Afternoon, folks!  Hope y’all are having a good day.  Just a thought based upon some recent events in our little neck of the woods.  Character and discipline without much talent will get you a lot farther than talent with not much character and discipline.  Regardless of whether you are on a sports team, just trying to get good grades in school, or in the midst of marriage and raising kids, character and discipline will almost always make up for any lack of talent.  Without debate they will at least take you far beyond where you could go based just upon your abilities.  Inversely, lack of character and discipline no matter the amount of talent will cause you to lose more than you ever should have.

The only way to have Faith, folks, is to hope for and believe in what you cannot see.  If you could see it, then it would not take any faith to believe in it.  Try to remember that when your life seems to be throwing 102 mph fastballs on the inside corner at you.

It is the daily, consistent, and steady love that makes a marriage rock solid.  Flash floods may keep the desert alive, but only under the most extreme conditions.  Make sure you make time for each other daily, even if just for an hour.  And if you can’t find that hour, might it be time to rethink your priorities and day to day schedule instead of complaining about how busy you are?

We need leaders who are calm and steady.  The ones who don’t make the most bombastic comments or consider themselves God’s gift to the United States, or the world.  Look for them, find them, and then support them.  We need them already, we may need them even more soon enough.

Even if you’re not a kid, Countryside has a lot to offer.  Culture tells us the world is one way and that is just the way it it.  There are places though that offer a different view on things.


Y’all have a great evening.  Keep your head up and keep plugging along at that which you know you need to do; practice diligence.  Also, try to find some Christmas lights to stare at and let your heart and your face smile just a little today.  🙂  God Bless you and yours and America.


— JT Cope IV


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