Our Leaders Are Not the Problem

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If a person cannot acknowledge that murder of an unborn baby is evil, can we expect to have an honest discussion with them about any other topic?  Perhaps even a more pressing question is can we share peaceful citizenship with them in America? 

Abortion may well be the litmus test for whether our beloved nation survives for centuries more or is consigned to the list of failed national experiments throughout history.  There are other moral issues concerning the country at the moment, other issues which there is no wiggle room on.  The national taxation of some of America’s citizens and not others, as well as the coerced acceptance of homosexual marriages both come to mind.  However, even with these two there are significant differences between them and abortion in so far as what is debatable and what is not.  The level of taxation, as long as it is uniformly applied, is debatable.  The ability of men to sleep with men and women with women in their own lives, even though immoral, is similar to adultery and the government’s lack of responsibility or right to police.  Abortion however is non-negotiable in either public or private life. 

The problem in our country is not the politicians who talk, advocate, and produce laws, they are merely a symptom of the disease.  The problem, which abortion so clarifies and that we seem so hesitant to identify, is the people who elect those politicians.  The problem is our fellow citizens who actually think abortion is ok; who think taking money from one man to give to another is alright; who think that a man sleeping with a man is acceptable; who think that allowing criminals to enter our country and steal from poor and homeless Americans is permissible; who think that America not only has no need of God and Jesus Christ, but that the nation is better off without them.  It is the acceptance and increase of these immoralities and the citizens who accept and promote them that is the problem. 

Much like HIV or cancer, the disease of political and civic immorality leads to many other problems.  Yes, it leads to the election of immoral politicians, but it also leads to the degradation and destruction of our families, businesses, and schools.  It is multitude who condones these immoral actions, not any particular one person or even group of politicians or national figures, which has so polarized our nation.  The reason is that if you cannot agree on the simple black and white immorality of an issue like abortion, how can a person discuss or debate with you on the lesser issues.  If you have a person that is so deranged, or misguided that they think killing a baby is a woman’s choice, how can you possible expect them to understand the way the economy works or public education or foreign policy, or at least that they would have the best interests of America and all her citizens at heart when discussing those issues? 

As the Marine Corps taught me, you never bring a problem to your Commanding Officer (CO) without at least one (better to have three) solution.  Even if it is a poor solution, it gives your CO somewhere to start.  So, what is there to do?  Well, the first step is to pray.  Pray for wisdom, guidance, and courage.  For God tells us He loves us, and that those who seek Him, find Him.  In addition to that any chance you are given to spread God’s word needs to be taken.  For as Dr. Benjamin Rush stated, “By withholding the knowledge of this doctrine [Bible] from children, we deprive ourselves of the best means of awakening moral sensibility in their minds.”  We certainly need to awaken moral sensibility in the minds of America’s children these days.  Second, we must simply get the conversation started that the cause of the problem is not representatives, senators, justices, or even the president, but rather the people that are electing them.  To quote Lucy, “Well, as they say on TV, the mere fact that you realize you need help, indicates you are not too far gone.”  As our founders eventually had to acknowledge that King George was not really a benevolent king with Parliament pulling the wool over his eyes, we too must inversely realize that a large number of our brothers and sisters are not benevolent or “low information” voters.  The next step after that becomes a bit trickier.  Perhaps one place to start is very similar to how our founders started.  In the First Continental Congress they decided to boycott items from Britain.  While we may not be able to boycott items from our brothers and sisters, we certainly can get our representatives together to halt the payment of taxes to Washington DC.  In order to do this though we must talk to our representatives and get them taking to each other across state lines.  And this may not be the best place to start or the best solution.  What solutions do you have?

We do not have to be violent or take rash steps.  We do not have to be despondent.  We must do something more than talk though.  We must first and foremost show our fellow citizens God and Jesus Christ through our actions.  We must second find a way to bring our country back from the brink as she has come back so many times before.  We must hope.  We must also be prepared for the violent and harsh response that likely will come, however.  For when you have people that want to take lives, take money, and kick out God, they are always very displeased when you try to bring back liberty, freedom, and integrity … to allow people to keep their lives, their money, and worship and serve God and Jesus Christ. 

-JT Cope IV

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