How Different Standards are Eroding our Country.

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You cannot have one standard for one group of people, another standard for a second group of people, maybe even a third standard for a third group of people, and then award them prestige and honor based upon the same scale.  Said much better by someone long ago, you cannot have different weights and measures for different people.  Yet this is going on in our country right now, in institutions from federal court systems all the way down to elementary schools.  These double standards are eroding the faith and trust that our people have in the institutions that are supposed to dispense both recognition and justice impartially.  In the end this will degrade the usefulness, potency, and character of the people of our country, and then after that in our country herself.   There are three examples I would like to touch on briefly: high school students, women in the military, and the current case of Judge Kavanaugh.


The first involves the fact that different students are given different testing and grading criteria, but then awarded the Grade Point Average (GPA) on the same scale.  This information comes from firsthand experience and secondhand knowledge.  Students across a grade will be given a test, but the tests are not all the same.  Depending on the accommodations they have, some students will have anything from questions read out loud, to highlighted words, fewer choices on a multiple choice test, larger print, or even other forms of assistance to varied and numerous to mention here.  The remainder of the class, those students who have no accommodations, will take the test the way it is written with no outside help.  Yet when the grades are tallied, both sets of students will be handed out a grade on the same exact GPA scale.


The second example involves the different standards required upon entrance to the military based upon gender, yet the same pay and rank are awarded to both genders.  This post will not discuss the much larger issue of the psychological differences and success or lack thereof of co-ed vs. single sex units.  Again, this information comes from firsthand experience and secondhand accounts.  Women currently are not required to register for selective service.  Their standards are lower across the board for physical tests whether that test is an entrance exam, a once yearly Physical Fitness Test (there are different names for the different tests across the branches), or random tests given in schools.  And yet upon enlisting or commissioning into the military, and throughout their careers, both males and females are given the same pay and rank.


The final example I would like to put forward is the case of Judge Kavanaugh, and his confirmation process leading to the Supreme Court.  This post is not trying to prove that he was innocent or guilty, nor to discuss any statute of limitations, but rather simply to make an observation and ask a question.  Judge Kavanaugh explicitly states that he is innocent of any sexual misconduct toward Dr. Ford, Dr. Ford says that she is positive without reservation it was Judge Kavanaugh who assaulted her.  I cannot tell you which one is being truthful and which is not, perhaps no one can, but it is apparent that one of them is lying.  If Judge Kavanaugh would indeed have been found guilty of sexual misconduct his nomination would have immediately been dropped, he would have had little to no future in his chosen profession, and perhaps he would have faced some further legal repercussions.  However, if Dr. Ford was dishonest in her claims, what would have happened to her; what will happen to her?  Will she be prosecuted?  Will she lose her job and any further chance of promotion within her chosen field?  Will she face any further legal consequences?


Whatever your opinion is on these subjects as far as who should be allowed to do what, you cannot make the argument that different standards do anything but erode the character and quality of our country and her institutions.  You cannot have one set of standards for one person, and another for another person, and then give them the same recognition.  It just won’t work, folks.  – JT Cope IV


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