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Afternoon, folks!  Hope your day has gone “smooth and easy” to quote a gentleman I know.  A thought has permeated most of the afternoon today, and it was kids that brought it to the forefront.  Duty.  We speak so often in culture today of what is due us, or what our rights are, and yet neither of those things is what makes the great men and women of history.  There are many emulatable characteristics in our leaders of quality, but duty is surely one that is shared amongst them.  It is the quality that makes men serve, not for fame, fortune, or power, but serve in spite of the probability of infamy, destitution, and imprisonment.  Perhaps we should speak more of our duties to God, Family, and Country instead of what is our right from them?  Just a thought, folks.

When you don’t know what or how to pray, pray anyway.  God knows what you need, He knows the desires of your heart.  His Holy Spirit speaks on our behalf even when we are confused and in pain, or even joyful and don’t know why.  Pray, folks, always pray.  It has a way or working hope into your bones.

This nonsense today that we cannot acknowledge lies and immoral behavior in others without ourselves being cruel or condescending is helping to dilute and destroy our country.  If you truly want to improve your country, your family, your community, and yourself, you must have people around you who are loving enough to tell you when you are making a mistake or going down a path that leads to destruction.  As we have seen with recent politicians and public figures, as I am sure many of you have seen in your life, and as a dear cousin of mine has repetitively said to me (paraphrased), “if you live in a bubble or an echo chamber, how could you possibly know when something was really wrong, causing inappropriate pain to others, or really know anything other than your own opinion?”

A sense of duty among other things, should drive our actions, not greed or egotism.  This is especially true with our leaders.  Western culture says all the time how that is just not possible in this modern world of self-promotion and non-stop media.  How would we know if we don’t have anyone who exemplifies those traits?  Just because we don’t have men and women who do this, doesn’t mean we cannot have successful leaders who do.  That is just the lazy way out and if that is the path we choose as Americans … then we deserve what we get.

If fog covered midnight roads, distant howls that send shivers up your spine, and creatures who fade on the wind make you want to know more, check out the village of Countryside.  Hope you will.


Y’all have a great afternoon and evening.  We’ll be back at it again tomorrow.  If you enjoy the daily posts, if you don’t, or if you have just some comments about what you would like to see more of, drop me a line anywhere.  Oh, and take a moment to stare at some Christmas lights today and try to remember what it is like to see them as a child.  🙂  God Bless you and yours, and America!


— JT Cope IV

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