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Evening, folks!  Hope y’all’s day has gone well.  It’s been a rainy, drizzly day around here, but a good one.  Had a conversation with a gentlemen today, and I thought the gist of it was worth passing on.  One, if you look for the good or bad in people, you will likely find more than you are looking for.  Two, if you convince yourself that nothing can be done, you’ll never find a way to do it.  And three, if you make excuses for unacceptable actions they will continue.  While this conversation was about individuals, our country as a whole right now is in the center of this same whirlpool.  Just because someone votes for things that are bad doesn’t make them irredeemable, Jesus certainly proved that point over and over again.  And just because our leaders are not standing up in a noticeable way to the federal government or our brethren, does not mean there are no ways short of armed conflict to do it, history surely shows this.  And lastly, if you continually make excuses for fellow citizens (especially family and friends) who support immorality they will only increase their support; the relationship between a bully and the small kid on a million playgrounds has absolutely illustrated this.

Work hard.  Work for God more than man.  Trust His words.  Do we get it wrong sometimes; without a doubt, but God knows our hearts and He knows our minds.  He will get us back on the right track when we go off and will strengthen us if we are on the right track.  We just need to lean on Him.

Fight like heck for all the big things, do not give an inch on them.  But realize the big things make up about twenty percent of married life.  The other eighty percent is small potatoes, and that’s where we need to show a little, or a lot of grace.  Tell your spouse what is important to you, find out what is important to them.  Do those things without hesitation or reservation.  But the rest, well, you just cannot have fifty priority number one’s folks.

As I recently saw in spades in a high school football game, having the most talent is no guarantee that you will win.  Having the most discipline and integrity don’t necessarily either, but they go a heck of a long way.  You have to have truckloads of talent to make up for discipline, integrity, and heart.  Our country has been on the short end of money, talent, and experience on numerous occasions and come out on top because we had a just cause.  These days should be no different when history looks back upon them.

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Y’all have a good evening, folks.  Take a minute or two to listen to the passing of a president.  Look for the good in people, but don’t make excuses for them.  Think of how we can turn this Country back around and then talk to some others about it.  And maybe most important, watch a Christmas movie or stare at some lights and try to let your heart and face shine the way it did as when you were a kid.  God Bless you and yours and America!


— JT Cope IV


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