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Afternoon, folks!  Hope all is well.  Something happened today that got me pretty fired up.  I will spare you the sordid details, but it did bring to mind another topic.  Taxes.  How in the name of all that is good and just and merciful do we find a way to countenance taking thirty cents per dollar from one man and no cents from another and yet call them both citizens and give them both one vote.  In this case, folks, one plus one very much is not equaling two.  We do not even have one plus one at the moment!  At any rate, I’ll take a deep breath and move on.

There is no shame in believing in Jesus Christ.  The only shame comes from not believing or in believing and being embarrassed to admit it.  That does not mean that we have to start every conversation we have with “Do you know Jesus?”  But it does mean when given the opportunity to talk about Jesus we should take it.  How will people know that we “call on the name of the Lord” if we never ever talk about Him?

The weekly article talks more in-depth about how this is affecting America and Western culture as a whole these days.  Suffice to say we are quickly getting to the point where Christ is not only just King one or two days a year, He is not even King on those days.  He either rose from the dead or He did not.  He either is Lord of all, or lord of nothing.  

While we do not have the same issue with states now that President Washington had with the colonies as the beginning of the Revolution, we do have a very insidious creation of class distinctions in present day America.  What do we mean when we say someone is African-American, Asian-American, Irish-American, German-American, Mexican-American, Japanese-American, ect?  What we mean without saying it is that these people are not just Americans, they are a special class of Americans.  You cannot have that, folks.  To paraphrase a quote from a lady who supported the Marine Corps Battery I was blessed enough to be around a few years back, we’ll never get rid of all the prejudice, and racism, and class warfare in this Country until we get rid of all the hyphens.  

For all the things that have made America the greatest nation on earth, for all the things that seem so lacking in our politicians and a large percentage of our fellow citizens, take a quick trip over to Countryside.  You might be presently surprised.  

Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your day, folks!  Take time to enjoy your people, to say a prayer or two, and to stop and stare at the Christmas lights.  As my father says, America is still the best thing going.  We just need to do a little course correcting, albeit in a hurry.  God bless you and yours and America!

— JT Cope IV

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