Your Lips, Your Heart, and What you are Really Saying

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Afternoon, folks!  Hope y’all are having a great day.  There’s a couple things I would like to talk with y’all about today, but I may only get to one, we shall see.  The first is an observation.  Something is put in front of me daily because of my profession, and I would like to hear your opinion on it.  Right now in schools across America, we are working kids to the bone.  No it is not sweatshops and no it is not slave labor, but we are working our children hard in all the wrong ways and not working them hard in the right ways.  They get to school, with slight variations across the county, sometime around 730am.  They get out around 330pm, and that is assuming that they do not have any extracurricular events or obligations.  If they do participate in sports or band, or something of that nature, then it is likely closer to 630pm when they get done on the average day.  So correct me if I am wrong on the math here, but that means our 13-18 year old boys and girls are working somewhere around 10-11 hour days, whilst our adult men and women are typically working around 8-9 in a normal clock-in, clock-out kinda job.  Yes I know there are salaried people who work longer days, and I know all about twelve hour tours and the midnight shift.  My point is our kids are working (academically and athletically) close to the same if not longer hours than our grown people.  Logically, either our grown men and women are not working long enough, or our kids are working too long.  We may have to elaborate on this in an article later on, but I would still be interested in your general thoughts…  

Do you know as much about God’s word as you do your Facebook or Instagram stats?  Do you work as hard on studying the bible as you do on your next social post or your fantasy football draft?  Do we spend as much time teaching our children about God and Jesus as we do watching TV with them or letting them zone out on their phones?  Just some questions…

Kids know this.  I asked about 100 of them recently and without exception as far as I could tell they all knew this.  They knew that if someone promised to be there and pick them up at a certain time, or if a friend promised to hang out with them and did not, especially if that was a routine occurrence, that meant that person “was a liar, and could not be trusted”.  Their words, not mine.  Kids are not near as dumb as we act like they are.  Neither are our grown up friends, our spouses, or Jesus.  No matter how much you say you love someone, if you don’t carry thru on it with your actions, it is as if you did not even say anything … no it is worse actually.  As a man I respect deeply says, “just do what you say you are going too” … or don’t say it.

Advancement.  Honor.  Respect.  Value.  All of these and more are based not on what we look like from the outside, but what we look like from the inside.  If we do not crush this cancer that is spreading across our country telling us it matters what color your skin is, how you talk, how much money you have, or where you came from, we will have nothing left but the tatters of a once great nation.  

Countryside, I think, is a place you can come back home to over and over again.  A place where you smile when you walk in the front door of the bookstore or the village market.  And a place where you wave to the people passing you on the dirt road.  Come give it a try.  

Y’all have a fantastic day!  I know I never got around to my second point today.  We will have to work on that for tomorrow.  Talk to Jesus.  Smile.  Stand firm.  God bless you and yours and America!

— JT Cope IV

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