Self-Deception, the Soul, and a Rescuer

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Morning, folks!  Hope the day is going well for everyone.  We put some Christmas lights and small trees up yesterday and today, and that seems to have brightened quite a few faces.  It’s kinda amazing how much little twinkly lights can bring a smile to a child’s face.  Probably some truth somewhere in there about the need for adults to become “more like little children”.  So, if you get the chance today take a moment, find some Christmas lights or even a picture of them and let your heart smile just a bit.  Even with all the problems coming our way, we can always take some time to recenter on what really matters.

Many people really do want to do good and what is right, but the darkness is always right there lurking.  Thankfully we do have a Redeemer who delivers us from the darkness within ourselves.  He won’t make the consequences of our actions here on Earth disappear, but just like the criminal next to Him on the cross, but He will certainly stand by us and bring us home to Him.

If you ever needed to know what was or is important to a person be they male or female, look at what they pour themselves into.  Do they work for hours and hours on end, do they watch hours of TV, or are they on their phone every time they get the chance?  Or do they spend their time with their spouse?  Do they spend time raising their children?  Do they stop and take a moment to quietly watch a sunset and listen to God’s voice?  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what a persons priorities are, folks, you just have to watch their actions.  No words can every compensate for, or make irrelevant, what a person chooses to do … good or bad.

Just as above, folks, we have to use our eyes and ears and watch not what people say, but what they do.  You can only claim by words to be ignorant or innocent for so long.  If one person steals money from another we call them a thief.  If one person kills another not in defense of self or others we call them a murderer.  If one person knowingly breaks the law we call them a criminal.  If one person commits adultery, or swindles the widow and poor out of their money we call them immoral.  If one person forces another to abide by their religious beliefs we call them a tyrant.  And yet, when those people are our fellow citizens, our friends and brothers and sisters, all of the sudden they are surely misguided, misunderstood, or misinformed in their decision making.  I think not, folks.

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Y’all have a great rest of your day, ladies and gentlemen!  Be kind.  Be merciful.  Be just.  Follow God.  Then find some Christmas lights or a tree to look at and let your heart and your mind remember what it is like to be a little child.  🙂  God Bless you and yours and America!


— JT Cope IV

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