Pictures, PSL, and a Review … (weekly roundup)

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The last week (and a bit more) in review.  Hope y’all are having a great start to the week and hope y’all enjoy!

Friday Night Lights

friday night lights

First actual Texas Friday night game of the year occurred last week.  Here is a pic my beautiful bride, Katie, took from the stands.  To say I’m excited puts it mildly!

The Squeaky Cupboard Review for The Book of the Wise


Abi took some time to review the book, and I’m grateful for that.  You can see her account here, and you can check out the review here.  Take some time and look around if you’re into pictures.  She does a fantastic job!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Just a great photo by Katie.  Couldn’t resist putting it in the roundup.  If you are into old house restoration, you can always check out her pics here.

P … S … L.  Need I say more?


It’s back.  If you think you are alone in your craving, you can be dissuaded of that fact right here.

Wonderful Photos and Kind Words

Jen over @the_pumpkin_reads


Very grateful that Jen is taking the time to read Countryside along with her son.  Take some time to check her out.

Dayle over @theliteraryllama


If you’ve never seen chalk art, this is the place to go.  Wonderful feed, and I’m grateful for the time Dayle is taking to check out Countryside.

Heather over @krimsuunpages


Ever so grateful that Heather’s been kind enough to even read a bit of Countryside on her sunny beach vacation.  Make sure you stay around to she what she thinks.

Drew over @submergedinwords


Drew has been kind enough to add a picture of Countryside into her feed and add it to her September TBR.  I’m very appreciative for that, and for the picture that makes me feel like fall is just around the corner.

Hope y’all enjoyed this week’s roundup.  We’ll talk with y’all soon!

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