Mortality, Love & Pretense

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Morning, folks.  Well it was a sad night here (I use that term very relatively speaking).  Our high school football team lost in the third round of the playoffs by three points.  It was a tough game for a number of reasons.  At the end of the day though it served as a great example of playing until the last second of a game, playing through trials and pains, and playing through adversity no matter the result.  We need a great deal more of the attributes many of these boys displayed by their actions in the political and personal life of our country.

Yet again, words that should encourage us a great deal.  Our lives and bodies here on earth are very much subject to the sins that we commit; if we break a law or someone’s heart, there are consequences that God will not remove from our lives.  But the hope that those of us have that believe in Jesus Christ, which so many do not accept, is that in the end our sins will be forgiven and wiped away because of Him.  Don’t ever expect God to excuse our failings or save us from paying the price here on earth, but don’t ever doubt that He will forgive us our sins in eternity because of His Son.

Love isn’t difficult, folks.  We make excuses, we find other priorities, and we waste our time, and then we try to pretend that loving those closest to us is actually hard.  It is not the love that makes it hard it is us and our selfishness to focus on other things and other people and then expect our spouse to feel as though we are their top priority.  That is either the height of ignorance or something worse.

The more we have to focus on defending and fighting for those internal things which we should not have to defend or fight for, the less ability we have to defend and fight against those external things which need that attention.  Eventually we must either falter as a nation, or we must rectify our brother and sister citizens’ opinion that they can continue to act as they wish without consequence.

Thought y’all might appreciate seeing a teachers opinion of the series.  If you haven’t had the chance, I’d appreciate it if you’d check it out.  You can find the links to various booksellers here.


Y’all have a fantastic rest of your weekend!  Enjoy those folks around you and try to remember to tell people how proud you are of them when they have acted in a way truly worthy of praise.  To praise when not warranted dilutes the honor, to not praise when warranted dispirits the individual.  Also, it’s December!!!  Which means Christmas is right around the corner.  Let that bring a little light to your day as well.  God Bless you and yours and America!


— JT Cope IV

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