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Morning, folks!  The morning broke dreary and cloudy here.  We had quite a bit of rain last night, as I have heard a number of y’all across the country did as well.  We did discover three leaks in our new roof, which is disappointing, but the rooms were still warm and cozy so that is good.  The Christmas trees are twinkling away, our little fake fire heater is plugging away, and the first cup of coffee is on the way.  Oh and the rooster is crowing outside.  So altogether not a bad morning so far.    

Nothing but you, can separate you from God’s love.  Nothing.  Trust Him and draw near to Him each day.  And just a thought, folks, if God is our priority, do we make him first on our “to do” list, or do we save Him for last?  Our marriages illustrate this relationship too, and I am not speaking of the actual timing of the day but rather the “timing” of our hearts.  Some people find the best time for their relationship with God and their spouse is at night, some the middle of the day, and some the morning.  The point is not when you spend time together but rather how.  Do you put your best energy and attitude into God and your spouse?

To treat those who are not citizens of a country better than you treat your own is no better than treating those people you work with or see on the street better than you treat your spouse and children.  Come to think of it, we seem to have plenty of both politicians and citizens who care for people not of our own American family or their own family more than they do for those who belong to our family both nationally and personally.  This is a sure recipe for disaster, folks, and we must fix it somehow.  

The best leaders are the ones who give us an example to follow not just in public but also in private.  Their are multiple examples of our founders who loved God and their spouses just as fiercely and more so than they loved our country.  One is not mutually exclusive to the other.  In fact, the later without the former two is just a ticking time-bomb, for you can’t continue to love an idea like a country if you have no love for the God who made you or the blood and flesh who lives side by side with you.  

Merry parties, good men and women, long dirt roads, and slinking shadows in the darkness.  Curl up this winter in the small town of Countryside!

Y’all have a wonderful day.  Reach out to those around you if even in a small way.  Pay attention to what is going on in the world around us, from our family to our country.  There is a great deal of noise out there, but most of it is trying to cover up the really important stuff going on; try to filter it all out.  God bless you and yours and America!

— JT Cope IV

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