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Evening, folks!  Hope y’all had a great weekend.  I ran across an interesting commentary recently.  The commentary was on a country centuries past and the relationship between their success and their declining morality, which in turn accounted for their eventual downfall as a nation.  The commentary discussed in particular how as this country became more and more economically successful, and how they gained more and more land, their moral compass pointed a little less and less north, and they became more and more proud.  I can’t help but look at our own beloved America and think that the more and more successful we have become financially, and the less and less (seemingly) we have had to fear from other countries, the more and more moral debauchery we have experienced.  Greed is increasing.  Debt is ballooning.  Millions of innocents are being murdered.  Sexual deviancy of every kind is celebrated as courageous.  Laws are ignored, or only applied selectively.  Our education is in shambles.  The list could go on.  There is a factor that ties in both the experiences of the country from ages ago and America now.  That factor is that both Israel in the past and America now have reached the point where very few actually serve God.  Oh we pay lip service to Him, but we very little know his Word or follow His laws.  We may discuss problems with immigration, education, finances, and a myriad of other legitimate policies, but they all start and end with our relationship to God.  I am not advocating a theocracy by any means.  Each man and woman should be allowed to worship God in whatever manner they see fit.  But if we do not acknowledge the distinctive contributions and foundation of Jesus Christ in our laws and institutions, those laws and institutions will fall apart … just like our relationship with Him.  

We cannot justify ourselves by works.  Only God’s grace can save us.  Only His grace can bring us into eternal life with Him.  But you cannot show faith in His Son, and therefore His grace, without works.  You must show how grace and mercy impact your life.  

We make excuses.  We cause ourselves anxiety.  We make up monsters in our head.  Love is not difficult, folks.  The actions themselves are very simple.  We just make it hard.  We get in our own way and cause the destruction of our own relationships.

The only things that should matter are …  Are you the best at what you do?  Do you make the organization better than someone else of your same talent could?  Within the last the implied question must be, do you have the moral fortitude to stand tall when everyone else falls away?  Any other superficial considerations are not only unimportant, but counterproductive.  

For all ages.  Take a visit to a place where good still fights evil and where you are proud for the right reasons.  Countryside.

Y’all have a great day folks!  Enjoy your people.  Do whatever little bit you can to turn our country back to God and Jesus Christ.  Not in the sense of forcing people to worship Him, but in giving them the opportunity of knowing Him and of focusing on the FACT that if we do not have a country that functions on Judeo-Christian precepts, we have a county that is already on the way to failure.  Talk about the good things too, not just the bad.  Talk about and show even more love and kindness and mercy, just do not give an inch to evil at the same time.  Being kind is not mutually exclusive to holding firm.  Oh, and as always, stare at some Christmas lights!  God bless you and yours and America!

— JT Cope IV

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