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Afternoon, folks!  Hope y’all are having a good start to the week.  In a world where people keep going, walk by, and avert their eyes, be the person who stops to pick up a piece of trash, who stops and says hello to the person who is walking alone and looking down at their feet, or who just sits and listens to the person who lives alone.  Much like working on your relationship with God, or your marriage to your spouse, being kind to people is rarely as hard as we make it out to be.  You don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to get it all right every time.  Just smile every once in a while and take a moment to stop and listen.  Do what you can, while you can.  Ah, and before I forget, if you have a chance this weeks article is up now; check it out if you have the time.  

I have often wondered over the years, what believing means.  I will not tell you I have the right and absolute answer, but I do think it really just boils down to making a decision in your mind and heart to believe.  God gave us a choice, He left it for us to decide, all we have to do is choose.  After we choose though, that is what we so desperately need today in America.  Somehow, in whatever little way you can, spread the word about Jesus.  It does not have to be the biggest and best and most “liked” or “shared”, just do what you can while you can.  As our wise pastor said months ago, everybody has something they can do, somehow they can reach out and share a little bit of Jesus with the world.  

If you do not work, you do not eat.  If you do not share the burden, you do not share the spoils.  If you do not pay taxes, you do not get to vote.  This is not cruel or uncaring or un-Christlike.  It is based on both history and Christianity.  You cannot give or steal what does not belong to you, what you have not worked for.  By the same token, you cannot withhold or water down what is due a man who has worked.  

America is based upon the idea that all were citizens first.  Before we were politicians.  Before we were soldiers.  Before we were doctors, or lawyers, or teachers.  We were all Americans first.  We have forgotten this and we are reaping the rewards for having done so and for allowing this to happen.  So while we must not pass up any opportunity to restore tranquility, harmony and justice in a peaceful manner, we must also gird ourselves for the prospect that our brother and sister citizens will reject the olive branch.  We must prepare for them instead to insist either on attempting to sever the union piecemeal or continuing to dismantle and devalue America by setting up a class system that acknowledges not the equality of every citizen before just laws.

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Hope y’all have a fantastic rest of your day.  Read a little bit of your bible if you have one.  Pray a little extra.  Smile at those who cannot seem too.  And find a few Christmas lights to look at or some Christmas music to listen too.  God bless you and yours and America!

— JT Cope IV

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