A Review, a Friend, and a Couple of Lists … (Weekly Roundup)

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Last week in review.  Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll look forward to talking with y’all soon!

Review by Rachel (@never_too_many_books)


Rachel posted a beyond fantastic review of The Book of the Wise over on her blog and her Goodreads account!  If you haven’t had a chance, take a moment and check her out, especially her photos over on Instagram.  I’m ever so grateful for her time, kind words, and encouragement.

One of Countryside’s First Readers


Just a quick thank you to one of the very first readers of Countryside.  She’s been there since before the book was a book, and she’s a wonderful young lady who I’m very glad to know!  Thank you, ma’am.

Reading Lists for Boys and Girls


So this photo is actually a pic of a ~1900 edition of James Fenimore Cooper’s book “The Spy”.  What’s interesting though, and what you probably can’t see (sorry), is the lists of books for boys (Alger Series) and girls (Fireside Series) the publisher printed in the back.  If you’ve got young kids you might dig around a little for titles under A.L. Burt publishing.  Some pretty fascinating reads.

Pictures and Words

Kristen over @books_faith_love


Kristen’s been kind enough to take a look at Countryside.  Hop on over and take a look at her photos, especially her Eiffel Tower book stack.  Also, if you are a fan of Friends, you’ve found a friend.

Coral over @readingmla


Coral also has been kind enough to take a look at Countryside.  She’s got some fantastic pictures.  Check out her feed and stay and chat a bit.  You’ll get some interesting posts in the near future, as she’ll be posting about some of the classics she’s studying at university.

Well, that’s it for now.  Hope y’all have a great week, and drop me a line anytime.

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