Why Politicians Don’t Understand America

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The following is not a direct quote, but it is very close, close enough that it needs to be cited as such.  The statement is also such a good representation of a large percentage of politicians it needs to be circulated.  Hope you’ll take a minute and check it out.


“The politicians in America, don’t understand America.  None of them has ever been in the military, so they don’t understand the men and women in uniform.  They aren’t religious so they don’t understand the deep antipathy so many feel toward abortion or gay marriage.  They never worked manual labor jobs, so they don’t understand those who do.  They think marriage and traditional morality are old fashioned, so yesterday, so they don’t understand those who believe in them.  Most of them have never worked in private industry, so they think business is crooked and contemptible.  Their political base is in the inner cities, yet they advocate policies that will keep people poor and fight policies that would give the poor a leg up.  They are the perfect hypocrites, con artists, traitors to the people who believe in them.  They willingly tell lies to advance their political agenda, and are amazed when that outrages people.” – Stephen Coonts, Liberty’s Last Stand


When we as a nation have a large percentage of politicians that are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to advance their own agendas, support and promote a flawed ideology that has never worked in the history of humankind, and are willing not only to ignore logic, but to persecute those who mention it, we are in deep trouble.  When there are also a large number of people in the country who knowing this are still willing to elect and endlessly re-elect these politicians, the country has a fight coming.  For you must either fight against corruption and, as overused as the word can be these days, evil, or you must lay down and call it master.


Fight folks.  Fight wherever you are, whenever you can, in whatever what you are able.  Resist the tide, not if it is merely going in a direction you don’t like, but if it is going in a direction that leads to dishonor and depravity.  Spread the Good News.  Discuss the positiveness of traditional morality and traditional American values at least as much if not more than you discuss the negativeness of corruption and dishonesty.  And illustrate with your life the benefits and encouragement that determined dedication to the morality and precepts laid out by an unchanging source can provide.  For what will you tell your children and grandchildren if the country continues to fail and you did nothing to stand in the gap?

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