Who Truly Cares for the Homeless and the Orphan?

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Evening, folks!  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Kind of a dreary, misty day here at the moment.  School is wrapping up, thankfully for both students and teachers.  Oh, and we did end up with a new puppy today.  My wife and I have decided it is either some kind of German Shepard or Husky mix (we are not exactly dog experts).  Some one dropped it off on a country road and the people there just could not keep him.  Only time will tell if Katie and I are as crazy as we seem.  And even though it is not exactly a Christmas puppy, to say the kiddos will be excited is a bit of an understatement.  

So, today I am going to talk a bit about a couple articles I read last night.  The first was a piece by Laura Kusisto and Nour Malas in the Wall Street Journal on the homeless problem in America.  Now you could make plenty of comments about how interesting it is that a sudden increase in homelessness across the country appears after seven years of decreases, whilst unemployment is lowering and wages are increasing, but I would like to talk about something else.  I would like to talk about how nearly one-quarter of all the homeless people in America live in either New York or Los Angeles; one-quarter, folks.  That is an astounding figure, but so is the amount of money being spent on the homeless problem.  New York alone, according to the article, increased their spending on homeless services by about $172 million dollars this year!  Los Angeles, in 2016, approved spending $1.2 billion over the next ten years to build housing for homeless people.  A few questions come to mind from this information.  Both of these cities are run, and have been for years, by people who individually or by party affiliation support redistribution of wealth via graduated taxation and social welfare programs.  Add to this the oft heard cry of how cruel and uncaring people who do not support wealth redistribution and socialist policies are, and you have an interesting conundrum.  How can it be that the places that are the political heart and soul of welfare programs and wealth redistribution, who supposedly care most about the “poor and the homeless”, are places with huge populations of homeless?  The answer is simple; you cannot spend enough, or give enough money to make a problem go away.  Even more importantly, those people who espouse working for a living, who decry the stealing of funds from one man to give to another, they are not cruel or heartless.  As stated for two millennium “the one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”  You cannot claim that the policies that create more homelessness are the kind ones while at the same time claiming that those who do not support policies which induce homelessness are uncaring about said homeless.  The problem, as with all government run social welfare programs is, you cause people to become dependent upon the handouts to the point where they have no will to or knowledge of how to lift themselves up out of the dependency they find themselves in.  Perhaps that is what some want?  

The second article was by Melissa Korn and Melanie Grayce West, also from the Wall Street Journal.  They noted that there are now several universities installing vending machines that offer Plan B, the morning after pill.  These pills are designed to prevent a pregnancy from starting, and at at least one university are either free or cost a mere fifteen dollars.  What does it say about a country where we spend tuition dollars (and tax dollars in the case of the University of California campuses mentioned in the article) so that students can cheaply purchase pills in order to have sex outside of marriage with less moral obligation or concern.  This is akin to spending tax dollars to purchase free alcohol for under age kids so that they do not get arrested trying to buy it on their own.  The end result of both is an attempt to prevent men and women from having to take responsibility for their own actions.  This is not some glorious, brilliant plan that is trying to improve the lot of downtrodden or ignorant masses.  This is a simple ploy to alleviate moral responsibility, develop new supporters, and create a new problem to need government oversight and intervention.  The problem is not that without Plan B or like contraceptives we create a huge huddled mass of unwanted children, the problem is that we refuse to prevent having huge huddled masses of orphaned children by taking responsibility for our own actions as adults.  

Check out these articles if you get the chance folks.  They delve into the issues more than I do here and it is good to know as much as we can.  Let me know what you think on theses issues as well; I am interested.  Remember to spread the word, be ever vigilant, and pray every once in a while.  This time of year stop and stare at some Christmas lights too.  Y’all have a great day.  God bless you and yours and America!


JT Cope IV

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