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“Riches do not last forever, nor does a crown endure to all generations.”  Without attention and gratitude to where our blessings come from, America’s prosperity and position as a leader will fade. 

There is a very nice article by Mr. Ben Shapiro out this week entitled “America Needs Virtue before Prosperity.”  In the article Mr. Shapiro points out that “without religion and morality we could, for a time remain rich.  But we would then begin to subject our freedoms to our own tyrannical impulses.”  He quotes both Presidents George Washington and James Madison and their beliefs that liberty, happiness, and prosperity cannot continue without virtue, religion, and morality.  I would add here President John Adams’ belief that “Liberty can no more exist without virtue and independence than the body can live and move without a soul.”  Mr. Shapiro continues and deepens his argument, commenting much more eloquently than this author can on the similarities and goals of the Marxist Left and the Populist Right.  I am a simple man and my language is much cruder, but I hope I bring the same or a very similar point home, just in a simpler way.  The point is not how one political party or ideology or the other frames the question, or the answers they give to solve the problem, but their lack of morality and virtue.  For example, the problem is not whether we need a border wall or not to control criminal immigration; the problem is that we have Americans who think criminally entering the United States should be tolerated and condoned, or that we should have no say of who crosses our border at all.  The problem is not whether we ban abortion at thirty weeks or six weeks; the problem is that we have fellow citizens who think that it is morally superior to allow a woman to have a baby ripped apart than to deliver one.  The problem is not whether the government sanctions marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman; the problem is that we have Americans who believe that sexual deviancy of every kind should be accepted, and that the government’s dictates supersede God and nature’s decrees.  The problem is not whether we tax the top earners in our country at 35% or 75%; the problem is that we have brother and sister citizens who think that stealing from one man’s pockets to give to another man is acceptable.  The problem is not whether we have democrats, libertarians, or republicans running the country; the problem is that we have immoral men and women who do not believe in the Christian foundation of America leading the nation. 

The following comment/question received multiple times the last couple of weeks is, does this mean that in order to be an American a citizen must be a Christian; certainly not.  Men and women should be able to serve God or not in their personal lives as they see fit.  As President Madison wrote, “Whilst we assert for ourselves a freedom to embrace, to profess and to observe the Religion which we believe to be of divine origin, we cannot deny an equal freedom to those whose minds have not yet yielded to the evidence which has convinced us.  If this freedom be abused, it is an offence against God, not against man: To God, therefore, not to man, must an account of it be rendered.”  And yet, what happens when we find that those who do not believe verge on being the majority over those who do?  Christianity is the only system which secures liberty and freedom for all people.  As Benjamin Franklin Morris put it, “The state must rest upon the basis of religion, and it must preserve this basis, or itself must fall.”  So while being a Christian is not a requirement for citizenship, or even leadership, following the precepts and ethics as a whole society must be, or the society will fail to exist as anything other than a shade of itself or an intolerable tyrant.  John Jay stated, “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”  In one of the greatest ironies in western civilization, if we do not elect leaders who follow Christ’s teachings, in their public life at least, we will cease to enjoy the freedoms which allow us to elect people who do not follow Christ’s teachings. 

The point of all of this is that we are fast coming to the point where each man and women will have to decide between one of a very few choices, most of which are summed up in either serving as a slave to the government, or fighting to take back all of the blessings bestowed upon us by the Father of all the Universe. 

-JT Cope IV

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