What People are Saying About Countryside!

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Evening all.  Hope y’all’s week has gone great!  Just wanted to pass along a few of the recent reviews on Countryside!

“A perfect book for parents to read to their children before bed, as well as for older readers who enjoy a trip back into the world of fantasy.” – Heather, KrimSuun Pages Blog, on The Book of the Wise

“If you like Harry Potter, you’ll love this!” – Asma, @oasisgirlmd, on The Tears of Adina

“I highly recommend this series to middle school readers … the Tears of Adina is a great second book.” – Abi, @thesqueakycupboard, on The Tears of Adina

“I had high expectations for this book and was not disappointed!  I enjoyed everything about it!” – Tea, @deadlywendyhadley (Goodreads Account), on The Book of the Wise

Thanks to all these folks, and thanks to all of you out there who are reading and reviewing and spreading the word about Countryside!  I’m so grateful for all your words.  Drop me a line anytime.  Looking forward to talking with y’all soon!  – JT

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