What is the worth of a person?

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Culture tries to tell us how to measure the worth of a person.  They tell us that their methods are the only ways to truly tell how much an individual should mean to society, which ones are most important, and which ones are least important, and the measuring stick changes from time to time to meet the current political goals.  The ironic part of this is, they tell us everyone is of equal value at the same time whilst telling us that certain people and their opinions are invalid.  The devious part of it is, they take just a smidgen of truth and then twist it so that there is just enough to recognize something true, but not enough often to see the falsehood as a whole.  These days they have a couple different versions of the “true” worth of a person.


The first goes something along the lines that “in order to be worth the same, people must be exactly the same.”  If you are different, either in your abilities, strengths, or weaknesses, then they say that you cannot possibly be worth the same amount.  In order to be seen as of equal value, you must be exactly the same.  Therefore for example, boys and girls can only be seen as being of equal value if they are exactly the same.  Otherwise one is worth more and the other less.  Never mind, that the differences the culture is trying to eliminate are strengths that make the country stronger as a whole.  Perhaps not the best analogy, but it is like a key and a keyhole.  They are both different in the extreme but without both functioning differently in the way they were designed you can neither lock nor unlock the door.  Both key and keyhole, and the door they were designed to open, simply sit there useless at best, an obstruction and detriment at worst.


The second “truth” western culture is trying to sell currently is that some people have opinions and feelings that are worth more, which make a person better, than people who have a different opinion or feeling than they do.  This fits well into their first line of reasoning, because we can only all be of equal value if we all have the same values.  The irony here is that in part they are right.  This goes back to the point of culture adding in just enough truth to cloud the issue.  Some people are better than others.  For example I know of few people who would lump Mother Teresa and Adolf Hitler in the same category as far as quality and worth of individual.   The distorted part though, is it is not the opinions alone that make one person better than another, it is where those opinions are sourced from, it is their moral character, and it is how they adhere to those opinions.


If you espouse integrity, great, that is indeed better than a person who values lying … but do you tell the truth?   Do you value life …  Do you value courage … Do you value fairness under the law …  And most importantly to you act upon those values, or do you merely talk a good talk? – JT Cope IV





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