The Enemy Inside the Gates

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There is an enemy inside the gates of America.  They either do not acknowledge God, or acknowledge Him only with their lips but not with their actions.  They actions show little care for the poor or the homeless, the widow or the orphan.  There is scant evidence that they care for the rule of law or equality before the law unless it serves their agenda.  Their criteria for “good” is based not upon the internal characteristics of a person, community, country, or organization, but upon superficial characteristics and what will bring them power.  They seek not to strengthen and defend America, but to destroy, defame, and alter her.  This foe comes not from the outside, but from the inside, for as President Lincoln said so long ago, “All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.”


Who then is this enemy?  Who is it that would if not gleefully at least willingly cause the fall and decline of America?  Who is it that would by their actions risk the weakest and most vulnerable of her society all while paying lip service to caring most for those weakest and most vulnerable?  There is not a Trojan horse that we can blame, no outside army with its deceptions and campaigns of misinformation.  No, the enemy within America’s gates, the answer, so sorrowful and despairing in its clarity, is none other than our country’s own citizens.


It is not any one particular group of citizens, no one race, ethnicity, or gender is solely responsible.  There is no club that you can point to and say “ah-ha” about.  There are trends, though.  There is shared ideology, and a concurrence on positions on certain issues.  It is these issues which we can discuss without fear of reverting to the name-calling of our middle school and elementary playgrounds.  It is these issues which we can evaluate, regardless of the potentially juvenile reaction of the citizens who represent those ideas.


Although the list of current issues is much longer than this author can cover in one article, and not every member of the enemy shares the same stance on every issue, a representative grouping of them can be discussed.  Each of the issues share one common thread, a lack of moral foundation, whether through determination, indifference, or perhaps ignorance.  Which of those is worse or better, or if there is difference between them at this stage, the reader will have to determine.  For the following paragraphs we will look briefly at sanctuary cities, athletic and academic achievement and the “ends justify the means” mentality, abortion, homosexual unions, wealth redistribution and representation without taxation, and the current migrant caravan on our southern border.


For those American citizens who support sanctuary cities, particularly those Christians who do, there can be no honest basis for that support.  The cry of protecting the poor, and comforting the homeless or the alien fall flat in the face of the already present poverty rate and homeless rate of those cities.  Without even needing to quote the exact percentages of these statistics in those cities designated as sanctuary, it is safe to say they are not zero.  None of these cities is without poor and homeless Americans already present.  So to say that the kind and caring choice is to hide criminal migrants from authorities is misguided at best, dishonest at worst.  We have our own citizens that need our care and love and support.  Let us first tend to them, those who rightfully look to our nation for support, especially those veterans who have risked life and given limb in defense of our country, before we turn to those outside of our borders, who by default are criminal.  And before the nonsense begins about those who support sanctuary cities being equal with patriots and abolitionists, neither colonists nor slaves had any legal ability to become American citizens as opposed to British citizens or freemen as opposed to slaves.  Current criminal immigrants do very much have a legal process by which to seek American citizenship.


There is also a disturbing trend in America now that supports the ideology that the ends justify the means.  If cheating gets a student a 4.0 GPA, then it is justified.  If irresponsible and unacceptable behavior outside of the athletic field does not change the result of winning on the field, then the athlete’s actions are acceptable.  If men are left to die, but nothing else comes from it “what difference at that point does it make anyway?”  This is illogical in the extreme.  No one would, or should at least, ever say that if a man breaks into a house and steals items but doesn’t get caught, it’s no different than a man working hard for a living to make the same amount of money.  One displays qualities a nation should scorn and despise and which will destabilize a country, the other displays qualities a nation should honor and revere and which serve to stabilize her.  As an aside, much of this attitude is prevalent among the parents of our middle school, high school, and college students today.  What example are we leaving our children and grandchildren when we approve of anything being done as long as the result is desirable?


The most daunting issue of all here is the execution of the most defenseless of our own citizens by other citizens.  No citizen has the right to murder another citizen for any reason.  Ever.  This is not self-defense or defense of another life.  This is ripping, stabbing, and drowning the lives of our weakest and most vulnerable for our convenience.  To quote from the last lines of a resent Wall Street Journal article, “… being forced to carry a terminally ill baby would have been the greatest tragedy of my life.”  This shows not a care for the child as it attempted to be portrayed by the author, but a single, all-consuming self-interest about the misfortune and affliction that would have been heaped upon the author.  There is simply no “other side” of this argument, folks, save for the life of the baby and mother being endangered.


Another case which illustrates the enemy from within and their dismantling of America is the support and condoning of homosexual unions.  For the thousands of years these unions have been looked upon not with support and encouragement by the majority of populations but with disdain, pity, and abhorrence.  Only in modern times has this act been promoted as acceptable and non-endangering to stable societies.  This is not some technological achievement or progress made in the name of science such discovering the world is not indeed flat.  This is a moral shift in members of American culture such as suddenly approving of murder, which based upon millions of citizens voting record with regard to abortion is perhaps the case.  Homosexual unions are denounced by Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  For Christian Americans again though, the support and encouragement of this deviant sexual act has no solid foundation.    To accept it would logically mean based upon Corinthians that the citizen must also accept “the sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, and swindlers.”  And yet there seems to be no national push for the acceptance and support of these actions.


Despite the previous sentences indicating no nationally open calling for celebration and encouragement of thieves and the greedy, there is indeed a subsurface current of citizens who approve of those actions.  Redistribution of wealth is simply stealing from an undesirable or “deplorable” member of society to give to a desirable member.  To paraphrase a quote from President Washington, “I think the Congress of the United States, or any of her citizens, has no more right to put their hands into my pocket without my consent than I have to put my hands into my neighbors against their will.”  President Washington is not speaking here of a nations need for a treasury to fund its external defense or internal justice but the bald-faced theft of money from one man to give to another irrespective of reasoning.  He also refers here to a lack of ability to represent himself at that time.  Today we do not have that issue but rather the reverse.  We have equal representation with unequal taxation.  We tax a third to a half or more of one man’s wealth and give him one vote.  We tax another man nothing, but also give him one vote.  In this situation, folks, one plus one does not equal two.  One man and his family are at a distinct representative advantage over the other, for the man who pays no taxes votes not caring how his neighbor’s money is spent so long as he gets it.


The last, and most recent example of the issues which define the class of Americans who are dismantling the country is the support and disgraceful conduct toward the migrant caravan coming from Central America.  Citizens again support criminal activity and encourage non-citizens to come to our country at the cost of our own homeless, widows, orphans, and poor.  They call the supporters of national sovereignty and physical borders heartless, cruel, and racist even.  They claim to be most concerned for the poor and the vulnerable, and yet as with sanctuary cities, this argument falls flat.  We have our own poor and vulnerable and homeless that depend on us and deserve our help before we go out into the world.  We have our own single mothers and orphaned children that deserve our protection and support.  There is no justification for us kicking them to the curb in order to appear sanctimonious to the world culture by our faux example of caring for poor and homeless criminal immigrants.  Not to mention that as the border is secured, those who traveled thousands of miles are now left homeless and penniless in a foreign country.  Yes it was their own decision, and yes they must take responsibility for their own actions, but a large share of the blame must fall to our fellow citizens who encourage this false and corrupt hope of a free meal and a jump to the front of the line before those who have followed and obeyed our nation’s laws.  The argument of caring for the “least of these” becomes even more deceptive and filled with falsehood amongst Christians.  When did God or Jesus ever instruct, or lead by example, the abandoning of Israel’s poor, homeless, widows, and orphans in order to care for foreign poor of the same condition?  Never.  Jesus may well have fed “crumbs” to some that were foreign, but He never took away from His own, He just had more to give.  Ms. Lazarus’ comments, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” were never intended to give carte blanche immigration to those coming to our shores with no intention of assimilating into American society, which must intrinsically mean recognizing and obeying our laws.


All of these issues represent not just opinions but actions taken by millions, tens of millions, of our current American brethren, whether by purpose, ignorance, or indifference.  They illustrate the subtitle of a recent Wall Street Journal article by Governor Jindal which noted the great contradiction between what these citizens claim to believe and how they live their lives.  They claim to care for the poor, the weakest and the most vulnerable and yet they themselves encourage and vote for politicians who encourage more poor and homeless to come to our country illegally and with the unavoidable result of displacing and hurting financially and physically their fellow citizens already in that predicament.  They claim to support and rally behind those who represent courage and integrity (through transparency often) and yet they support athletes who make millions of dollars and kneel during and disgrace our national anthem which represents the bravest of our own citizens.  They claim to care about life, again about the weakest and most vulnerable, and yet they vote for and support financially politicians and a platform which brutally kills the absolute most innocent and defenseless of our citizens.  They claim to want a peaceful and stable country, and yet vote for and support financially sexual actions that destabilize the core institute of the family and thereby again endanger some of the youngest and most vulnerable of our country, our children.  And yet again they claim to care for our homeless, widows, orphans, and poor, but still with their votes, their time, and their money support politicians and political organizations that call for a massive destabilizing influx of other country’s poor, criminal, and destitute in effect telling our own that they matter less than these or not at all.


When we ignore the words our fellow citizens speak and instead weigh the actions which they take, the conclusion must be drawn that America is in the midst of an onslaught.  The enemy is immorality, spiritual in nature, but the soldiers are very much flesh and blood.  Mr. Chernov in his biography on President Washington noted how desperately the colonists wanted to believe King George was not complacent in the oppressive taxation and legislation coming out of Britain, that it was instead the Parliament.  In modern America are we now to replace King George with our brethren citizens, and Parliament with Congress?  Are the subjects so uncomfortable and the price of acknowledging the actions of friends and family so painful and incomprehensible that we are led down the same merry path as our forefathers in convincing ourselves that it cannot possibly be true?  Is there any possibility that our present sisters and brothers are truly so naïve?


— JT Cope IV

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