The Chicken and the Egg

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As some of you may remember from a prior post, early this spring, after moving from one state to the next, Katie and I decided to embark upon another adventure, raising chickens for eggs.  Minus those lost to bobcats and raccoons, we are down to five; a motley crew of dominiques, partridge rocks, and a very important looking, very silly New Hampshire red.  A few weeks ago they started to lay, and although starting out small the eggs have grown in size and number.  As of now we are getting anywhere from 3-5 medium sized eggs daily.  They come in brown and brown with speckles, but we aren’t sure which breeds are laying which eggs.  At any rate, we haven’t had to buy eggs for a couple weeks and the girls love going out to look for them almost as much as Katie does.

The results of one afternoon treasure hunt by Katie

A half dozen eggs plus. The chickens are now laying an egg every 1-2 days.

On one last note, despite whatever your theological opinion may be about what came first, I can assure you from a money/time/work standpoint, the chicken came a long, long time before the egg.

The chickens enjoying the last bit of freedom, evening sun, and some old garden watermelons for their efforts.

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