Seven Great Middle Grade Reads

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Well, it happened … Pinterest finally sucked me in.  So sad.  At least they have lots of great book lists there; right???  That’s my excuse anyway.  So I thought I would make up some of my own and see what y’all thought; if y’all agreed?  Here is a first attempt, with the books in no particular order.  One particular note to any parents out there who might read this.  Although I don’t always screen everything I post about, when I have I want to make that abundantly clear.  Now, none of these books is perfect, no book is, but for the most part I think almost any parent should be comfortable if they see their child has picked them up.  At least that is my hope, but tell me if you disagree; I really am interested!

1. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – My all-time favorite series and one of my favorite books in the series. This is a fantasy following the Pevensie children through a wardrobe door and into a magical land of talking animals and a cruel witch.

2. The Hobbit – Completely different in my opinion from The Lord of the Rings, but a great piece of literature. Much more light hearted and just a fun read.

3. Treasure Island – A classic boy book. Pirates and stowaways and treasure in the end.  Can’t beat this for any young lads.

4. Little House on the Prairie – A great book for anyone but especially for young girls in my opinion because it focuses on the strength of girls as they are, not trying to make them plastic models or turn them into boys.

5. Harry Potter and the Sorceress Stone – Now I can see some parents having issues with the “wizards and witches” part of the books. I understand that position, but barring that, they are fairly clear of violence and sex and are written very well.

6. A Wrinkle in Time – Wonderful book written back during the cold war that is still as prevalent as ever in its discussions of communism and socialism and what disasters those are (but in such a way that most kids won’t understand it is political but they will very much see the difference in results), and just a fun read.

7. I won’t put anything about the last one. Y’all can fill in the blank there however you would like, good, bad, or ugly.  J


At any rate, I hope y’all enjoyed my first foray into the world of book list making.  Let me know if you have questions or comments of any kind.  I am game.  Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your day and week wherever you are.  – JT Cope IV

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