Pictures and Words (Weekly Roundup)

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Well, good Monday morning (here at least). Hope the weekend was great for everyone, and that y’all’s weeks are off to a good start so far. Lots going on in the Countryside world! In fact, todays Journal entry will cover just a few of the kind people and the pictures they took last week, but check back over the next couple days for some very nice recommendations and a fantastic review of ‘The Book of the Wise’!

Pictures and Words

Jasmine over @jrkoop.reads


Wonderful picture by Jasmine. When you get the chance, take a look at her feed and talk to her about some books, or ask her about her writing! Thanks for the awesome picture, ma’am!

Tea over @deadlywendyhadley


Tea has been kind enough to check out the Countryside books. I’m very grateful for her enthusiasm and her photos! Stop by and chat with her about books, or tea or even cross-stitching if you’re so inclined.

Samantha over @bookwormeverlasting


Wonderful pumpkin photo of the Countryside books by Samantha! Check out her account and all her bookish photos when you get the time. Oh and it’s something very simple, but I wonder if any of you see the connection between her and Countryside?

Kels over @acciobooksncoffee


Very thankful for the fantastic pic by Kels of Countryside and for her taking a look at the series! When you get the chance, check out her account; I guarantee you’ll be pleased you did.

Anna over @throne_of_book


Thanks to Anna for her kind photo and post about Countryside. If you get the chance take a look at her feed and chat for a bit. Thank you again, ma’am!

Amanda over @thebooknirvana


Grateful for Amanda’s kind words and excitement about the Countryside books! Make sure to stop by if you get the chance and say hello! And thanks for the great pic, ma’am!

Sara over @thewayfaringbookworm


Thanks very much to Sara for the awesome photo! If you get the chance stop by and chat about books with her and her candles over @fanfirecandles too. Thank you again, ma’am!

Emily over @book.happy


Wanted to say thanks to Emily for the very nice photo. Stop by and chat some when you get the time. Ask her about her books or her pups. Thanks again, for the photo, ma’am!

Hira over @readers.nook


A great photo by Hira! If y’all get the chance stop by and take a look at her feed and talk about some of your favorite books with her; you’ll have a good time I’m sure!

Mollie over @molliethereader


Pleased with the pictures that Mollie took, and for her looking at the series. If you get the chance, take a look at her feed and let her know you stopped by.

Asma over @weasleyswizardingbooks

Grateful for Asma’s thoughtful words and her kind photo! Stop by if you get the chance, talk books, and maybe a little chocolate with her. Thanks again, ma’am!

Wellp, (yeah, there’s a ‘p’ on the end of that word in Texas sometimes) that’s all for now; they’ll be more later. Thanks so much for all of y’all’s encouragement and support of Countryside! I’m very grateful for y’all and always look forward to talking with you. Y’all have a great day!

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