Kahre & Co.

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If you’re ever in the area, there’s a great little coffee shop on the south side of Shreveport, LA called Kahre & Co. Their building is tucked away in a cozy little shopping village, and they have everything there from coffee and chocolate to mugs to gift baskets. Katie and I visited the shop multiple times in our most recent stint in Shreveport, and always enjoyed the coffee and ice cream. The proprietor, Mrs. Kahre, always had a great big smile for us and would stop and talk while we sat with … er, chased our girls around the store. Small wooden tables line the inside windows and a couple of wrought iron ones sit on the outside. They dress the store up for the holidays, and have everything from hanging witches legs at Halloween to ornaments at Christmas and all sorts of other nick knacks and bobbles. They will host art events, readings, and even occasionally music outside by a small pond. Although a few months have passed since my last visit, I still highly recommend the coffee and the service. Their mocha’s got me through many a trip from Shreveport to Dallas during my year of weekly travel from one state to another.

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