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Daily Posts – Weakness, the Truth, and Duty

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Afternoon, folks!  Hope your day has gone “smooth and easy” to quote a gentleman I know.  A thought has permeated most of the afternoon today, and it was kids that brought it to the forefront.  Duty.  We speak so often in culture today of what is due us, or what our rights are, and yet neither of those things is what makes the great men and women of history.  There are many emulatable characteristics in our leaders of quality, but duty is surely one that is shared amongst them.  It is the quality that makes men serve, not for fame, fortune, or power, but serve in spite of the probability of infamy, destitution, and imprisonment.  Perhaps we should speak more of our duties to God, Family, and Country instead of what is our right from them?  Just a thought, folks.

When you don’t know what or how to pray, pray anyway.  God knows what you need, He knows the desires of your heart.  His Holy Spirit speaks on our behalf even when we are confused and in pain, or even joyful and don’t know why.  Pray, folks, always pray.  It has a way or working hope into your bones.

This nonsense today that we cannot acknowledge lies and immoral behavior in others without ourselves being cruel or condescending is helping to dilute and destroy our country.  If you truly want to improve your country, your family, your community, and yourself, you must have people around you who are loving enough to tell you when you are making a mistake or going down a path that leads to destruction.  As we have seen with recent politicians and public figures, as I am sure many of you have seen in your life, and as a dear cousin of mine has repetitively said to me (paraphrased), “if you live in a bubble or an echo chamber, how could you possibly know when something was really wrong, causing inappropriate pain to others, or really know anything other than your own opinion?”

A sense of duty among other things, should drive our actions, not greed or egotism.  This is especially true with our leaders.  Western culture says all the time how that is just not possible in this modern world of self-promotion and non-stop media.  How would we know if we don’t have anyone who exemplifies those traits?  Just because we don’t have men and women who do this, doesn’t mean we cannot have successful leaders who do.  That is just the lazy way out and if that is the path we choose as Americans … then we deserve what we get.

If fog covered midnight roads, distant howls that send shivers up your spine, and creatures who fade on the wind make you want to know more, check out the village of Countryside.  Hope you will.


Y’all have a great afternoon and evening.  We’ll be back at it again tomorrow.  If you enjoy the daily posts, if you don’t, or if you have just some comments about what you would like to see more of, drop me a line anywhere.  Oh, and take a moment to stare at some Christmas lights today and try to remember what it is like to see them as a child.  🙂  God Bless you and yours, and America!


— JT Cope IV

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Daily Posts – Suffering, Knowledge, and Awful Events

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Afternoon, folks.  Hope y’all’s day went well, or is going well so far.  We have not mentioned it so far here, but we lost arguably our only living great president this week.  I don’t speak of his politics because I certainly do not agree with all the decisions he made, but I do speak of a man who knew how to carry himself in the office of the president.  Regardless of your opinion on the decisions of the last few presidents, I think you will find it hard to make the argument that they behaved in a sober and steady manner throughout their tenure as opposed to a childish and often volcanic one; the man’s son may be a slight exception.  It is a fearful thing when the United States cannot or chooses not to produce a man who leads in a manner that is sober, steady, calm and with constant good bearing.

Though it is often hard to remember, listen to God’s words about suffering and their temporal nature.  They are not to last forever, but life with Him will.  Life filled with love and joy and a place where no tears fall … that is where we need to keep our view fixed.

Just because you know the difference doesn’t mean you won’t make a mistake.  Just because you make a mistake doesn’t mean you don’t know the difference.  Even more importantly, just because you make a mistake doesn’t take away your right, responsibility, and ability to call out immorality and depravity when you see it.

“Terrible, but great.”  I see this line from a recent beloved series of books playing out in front of our very eyes.  The things being pressed upon us will be awful indeed, great, but awful.  Perhaps we can yet avert it, but our brethren are daily making this more difficult.  Steal yourselves for whichever path we are drawn down.

If you’re looking for cobbled streets, carriage rides, and whispers of ancient magic, give Countryside a try.  You can check it out here.


Have a wonderful evening, folks.  Remember the men and women who have gone before us.  Listen to the Lord’s words and let them comfort you, regardless of what lies ahead.  And, if you get the chance, check out a little Christmas Spirit today.  🙂  God Bless you and yours and America!


— JT Cope IV



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Daily Posts – Hope, Love, and a Steady Man

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Afternoon, folks!  Hope y’all are having a good day.  Just a thought based upon some recent events in our little neck of the woods.  Character and discipline without much talent will get you a lot farther than talent with not much character and discipline.  Regardless of whether you are on a sports team, just trying to get good grades in school, or in the midst of marriage and raising kids, character and discipline will almost always make up for any lack of talent.  Without debate they will at least take you far beyond where you could go based just upon your abilities.  Inversely, lack of character and discipline no matter the amount of talent will cause you to lose more than you ever should have.

The only way to have Faith, folks, is to hope for and believe in what you cannot see.  If you could see it, then it would not take any faith to believe in it.  Try to remember that when your life seems to be throwing 102 mph fastballs on the inside corner at you.

It is the daily, consistent, and steady love that makes a marriage rock solid.  Flash floods may keep the desert alive, but only under the most extreme conditions.  Make sure you make time for each other daily, even if just for an hour.  And if you can’t find that hour, might it be time to rethink your priorities and day to day schedule instead of complaining about how busy you are?

We need leaders who are calm and steady.  The ones who don’t make the most bombastic comments or consider themselves God’s gift to the United States, or the world.  Look for them, find them, and then support them.  We need them already, we may need them even more soon enough.

Even if you’re not a kid, Countryside has a lot to offer.  Culture tells us the world is one way and that is just the way it it.  There are places though that offer a different view on things.


Y’all have a great evening.  Keep your head up and keep plugging along at that which you know you need to do; practice diligence.  Also, try to find some Christmas lights to stare at and let your heart and your face smile just a little today.  🙂  God Bless you and yours and America.


— JT Cope IV


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The Enemy Inside the Gates

Posted on by jtcopeiv

There is an enemy inside the gates of America.  They either do not acknowledge God, or acknowledge Him only with their lips but not with their actions.  They actions show little care for the poor or the homeless, the widow or the orphan.  There is scant evidence that they care for the rule of law or equality before the law unless it serves their agenda.  Their criteria for “good” is based not upon the internal characteristics of a person, community, country, or organization, but upon superficial characteristics and what will bring them power.  They seek not to strengthen and defend America, but to destroy, defame, and alter her.  This foe comes not from the outside, but from the inside, for as President Lincoln said so long ago, “All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.”


Who then is this enemy?  Who is it that would if not gleefully at least willingly cause the fall and decline of America?  Who is it that would by their actions risk the weakest and most vulnerable of her society all while paying lip service to caring most for those weakest and most vulnerable?  There is not a Trojan horse that we can blame, no outside army with its deceptions and campaigns of misinformation.  No, the enemy within America’s gates, the answer, so sorrowful and despairing in its clarity, is none other than our country’s own citizens.


It is not any one particular group of citizens, no one race, ethnicity, or gender is solely responsible.  There is no club that you can point to and say “ah-ha” about.  There are trends, though.  There is shared ideology, and a concurrence on positions on certain issues.  It is these issues which we can discuss without fear of reverting to the name-calling of our middle school and elementary playgrounds.  It is these issues which we can evaluate, regardless of the potentially juvenile reaction of the citizens who represent those ideas.


Although the list of current issues is much longer than this author can cover in one article, and not every member of the enemy shares the same stance on every issue, a representative grouping of them can be discussed.  Each of the issues share one common thread, a lack of moral foundation, whether through determination, indifference, or perhaps ignorance.  Which of those is worse or better, or if there is difference between them at this stage, the reader will have to determine.  For the following paragraphs we will look briefly at sanctuary cities, athletic and academic achievement and the “ends justify the means” mentality, abortion, homosexual unions, wealth redistribution and representation without taxation, and the current migrant caravan on our southern border.


For those American citizens who support sanctuary cities, particularly those Christians who do, there can be no honest basis for that support.  The cry of protecting the poor, and comforting the homeless or the alien fall flat in the face of the already present poverty rate and homeless rate of those cities.  Without even needing to quote the exact percentages of these statistics in those cities designated as sanctuary, it is safe to say they are not zero.  None of these cities is without poor and homeless Americans already present.  So to say that the kind and caring choice is to hide criminal migrants from authorities is misguided at best, dishonest at worst.  We have our own citizens that need our care and love and support.  Let us first tend to them, those who rightfully look to our nation for support, especially those veterans who have risked life and given limb in defense of our country, before we turn to those outside of our borders, who by default are criminal.  And before the nonsense begins about those who support sanctuary cities being equal with patriots and abolitionists, neither colonists nor slaves had any legal ability to become American citizens as opposed to British citizens or freemen as opposed to slaves.  Current criminal immigrants do very much have a legal process by which to seek American citizenship.


There is also a disturbing trend in America now that supports the ideology that the ends justify the means.  If cheating gets a student a 4.0 GPA, then it is justified.  If irresponsible and unacceptable behavior outside of the athletic field does not change the result of winning on the field, then the athlete’s actions are acceptable.  If men are left to die, but nothing else comes from it “what difference at that point does it make anyway?”  This is illogical in the extreme.  No one would, or should at least, ever say that if a man breaks into a house and steals items but doesn’t get caught, it’s no different than a man working hard for a living to make the same amount of money.  One displays qualities a nation should scorn and despise and which will destabilize a country, the other displays qualities a nation should honor and revere and which serve to stabilize her.  As an aside, much of this attitude is prevalent among the parents of our middle school, high school, and college students today.  What example are we leaving our children and grandchildren when we approve of anything being done as long as the result is desirable?


The most daunting issue of all here is the execution of the most defenseless of our own citizens by other citizens.  No citizen has the right to murder another citizen for any reason.  Ever.  This is not self-defense or defense of another life.  This is ripping, stabbing, and drowning the lives of our weakest and most vulnerable for our convenience.  To quote from the last lines of a resent Wall Street Journal article, “… being forced to carry a terminally ill baby would have been the greatest tragedy of my life.”  This shows not a care for the child as it attempted to be portrayed by the author, but a single, all-consuming self-interest about the misfortune and affliction that would have been heaped upon the author.  There is simply no “other side” of this argument, folks, save for the life of the baby and mother being endangered.


Another case which illustrates the enemy from within and their dismantling of America is the support and condoning of homosexual unions.  For the thousands of years these unions have been looked upon not with support and encouragement by the majority of populations but with disdain, pity, and abhorrence.  Only in modern times has this act been promoted as acceptable and non-endangering to stable societies.  This is not some technological achievement or progress made in the name of science such discovering the world is not indeed flat.  This is a moral shift in members of American culture such as suddenly approving of murder, which based upon millions of citizens voting record with regard to abortion is perhaps the case.  Homosexual unions are denounced by Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  For Christian Americans again though, the support and encouragement of this deviant sexual act has no solid foundation.    To accept it would logically mean based upon Corinthians that the citizen must also accept “the sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, and swindlers.”  And yet there seems to be no national push for the acceptance and support of these actions.


Despite the previous sentences indicating no nationally open calling for celebration and encouragement of thieves and the greedy, there is indeed a subsurface current of citizens who approve of those actions.  Redistribution of wealth is simply stealing from an undesirable or “deplorable” member of society to give to a desirable member.  To paraphrase a quote from President Washington, “I think the Congress of the United States, or any of her citizens, has no more right to put their hands into my pocket without my consent than I have to put my hands into my neighbors against their will.”  President Washington is not speaking here of a nations need for a treasury to fund its external defense or internal justice but the bald-faced theft of money from one man to give to another irrespective of reasoning.  He also refers here to a lack of ability to represent himself at that time.  Today we do not have that issue but rather the reverse.  We have equal representation with unequal taxation.  We tax a third to a half or more of one man’s wealth and give him one vote.  We tax another man nothing, but also give him one vote.  In this situation, folks, one plus one does not equal two.  One man and his family are at a distinct representative advantage over the other, for the man who pays no taxes votes not caring how his neighbor’s money is spent so long as he gets it.


The last, and most recent example of the issues which define the class of Americans who are dismantling the country is the support and disgraceful conduct toward the migrant caravan coming from Central America.  Citizens again support criminal activity and encourage non-citizens to come to our country at the cost of our own homeless, widows, orphans, and poor.  They call the supporters of national sovereignty and physical borders heartless, cruel, and racist even.  They claim to be most concerned for the poor and the vulnerable, and yet as with sanctuary cities, this argument falls flat.  We have our own poor and vulnerable and homeless that depend on us and deserve our help before we go out into the world.  We have our own single mothers and orphaned children that deserve our protection and support.  There is no justification for us kicking them to the curb in order to appear sanctimonious to the world culture by our faux example of caring for poor and homeless criminal immigrants.  Not to mention that as the border is secured, those who traveled thousands of miles are now left homeless and penniless in a foreign country.  Yes it was their own decision, and yes they must take responsibility for their own actions, but a large share of the blame must fall to our fellow citizens who encourage this false and corrupt hope of a free meal and a jump to the front of the line before those who have followed and obeyed our nation’s laws.  The argument of caring for the “least of these” becomes even more deceptive and filled with falsehood amongst Christians.  When did God or Jesus ever instruct, or lead by example, the abandoning of Israel’s poor, homeless, widows, and orphans in order to care for foreign poor of the same condition?  Never.  Jesus may well have fed “crumbs” to some that were foreign, but He never took away from His own, He just had more to give.  Ms. Lazarus’ comments, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” were never intended to give carte blanche immigration to those coming to our shores with no intention of assimilating into American society, which must intrinsically mean recognizing and obeying our laws.


All of these issues represent not just opinions but actions taken by millions, tens of millions, of our current American brethren, whether by purpose, ignorance, or indifference.  They illustrate the subtitle of a recent Wall Street Journal article by Governor Jindal which noted the great contradiction between what these citizens claim to believe and how they live their lives.  They claim to care for the poor, the weakest and the most vulnerable and yet they themselves encourage and vote for politicians who encourage more poor and homeless to come to our country illegally and with the unavoidable result of displacing and hurting financially and physically their fellow citizens already in that predicament.  They claim to support and rally behind those who represent courage and integrity (through transparency often) and yet they support athletes who make millions of dollars and kneel during and disgrace our national anthem which represents the bravest of our own citizens.  They claim to care about life, again about the weakest and most vulnerable, and yet they vote for and support financially politicians and a platform which brutally kills the absolute most innocent and defenseless of our citizens.  They claim to want a peaceful and stable country, and yet vote for and support financially sexual actions that destabilize the core institute of the family and thereby again endanger some of the youngest and most vulnerable of our country, our children.  And yet again they claim to care for our homeless, widows, orphans, and poor, but still with their votes, their time, and their money support politicians and political organizations that call for a massive destabilizing influx of other country’s poor, criminal, and destitute in effect telling our own that they matter less than these or not at all.


When we ignore the words our fellow citizens speak and instead weigh the actions which they take, the conclusion must be drawn that America is in the midst of an onslaught.  The enemy is immorality, spiritual in nature, but the soldiers are very much flesh and blood.  Mr. Chernov in his biography on President Washington noted how desperately the colonists wanted to believe King George was not complacent in the oppressive taxation and legislation coming out of Britain, that it was instead the Parliament.  In modern America are we now to replace King George with our brethren citizens, and Parliament with Congress?  Are the subjects so uncomfortable and the price of acknowledging the actions of friends and family so painful and incomprehensible that we are led down the same merry path as our forefathers in convincing ourselves that it cannot possibly be true?  Is there any possibility that our present sisters and brothers are truly so naïve?


— JT Cope IV

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Mortality, Love & Pretense

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Morning, folks.  Well it was a sad night here (I use that term very relatively speaking).  Our high school football team lost in the third round of the playoffs by three points.  It was a tough game for a number of reasons.  At the end of the day though it served as a great example of playing until the last second of a game, playing through trials and pains, and playing through adversity no matter the result.  We need a great deal more of the attributes many of these boys displayed by their actions in the political and personal life of our country.

Yet again, words that should encourage us a great deal.  Our lives and bodies here on earth are very much subject to the sins that we commit; if we break a law or someone’s heart, there are consequences that God will not remove from our lives.  But the hope that those of us have that believe in Jesus Christ, which so many do not accept, is that in the end our sins will be forgiven and wiped away because of Him.  Don’t ever expect God to excuse our failings or save us from paying the price here on earth, but don’t ever doubt that He will forgive us our sins in eternity because of His Son.

Love isn’t difficult, folks.  We make excuses, we find other priorities, and we waste our time, and then we try to pretend that loving those closest to us is actually hard.  It is not the love that makes it hard it is us and our selfishness to focus on other things and other people and then expect our spouse to feel as though we are their top priority.  That is either the height of ignorance or something worse.

The more we have to focus on defending and fighting for those internal things which we should not have to defend or fight for, the less ability we have to defend and fight against those external things which need that attention.  Eventually we must either falter as a nation, or we must rectify our brother and sister citizens’ opinion that they can continue to act as they wish without consequence.

Thought y’all might appreciate seeing a teachers opinion of the series.  If you haven’t had the chance, I’d appreciate it if you’d check it out.  You can find the links to various booksellers here.


Y’all have a fantastic rest of your weekend!  Enjoy those folks around you and try to remember to tell people how proud you are of them when they have acted in a way truly worthy of praise.  To praise when not warranted dilutes the honor, to not praise when warranted dispirits the individual.  Also, it’s December!!!  Which means Christmas is right around the corner.  Let that bring a little light to your day as well.  God Bless you and yours and America!


— JT Cope IV

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Self-Deception, the Soul, and a Rescuer

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Morning, folks!  Hope the day is going well for everyone.  We put some Christmas lights and small trees up yesterday and today, and that seems to have brightened quite a few faces.  It’s kinda amazing how much little twinkly lights can bring a smile to a child’s face.  Probably some truth somewhere in there about the need for adults to become “more like little children”.  So, if you get the chance today take a moment, find some Christmas lights or even a picture of them and let your heart smile just a bit.  Even with all the problems coming our way, we can always take some time to recenter on what really matters.

Many people really do want to do good and what is right, but the darkness is always right there lurking.  Thankfully we do have a Redeemer who delivers us from the darkness within ourselves.  He won’t make the consequences of our actions here on Earth disappear, but just like the criminal next to Him on the cross, but He will certainly stand by us and bring us home to Him.

If you ever needed to know what was or is important to a person be they male or female, look at what they pour themselves into.  Do they work for hours and hours on end, do they watch hours of TV, or are they on their phone every time they get the chance?  Or do they spend their time with their spouse?  Do they spend time raising their children?  Do they stop and take a moment to quietly watch a sunset and listen to God’s voice?  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what a persons priorities are, folks, you just have to watch their actions.  No words can every compensate for, or make irrelevant, what a person chooses to do … good or bad.

Just as above, folks, we have to use our eyes and ears and watch not what people say, but what they do.  You can only claim by words to be ignorant or innocent for so long.  If one person steals money from another we call them a thief.  If one person kills another not in defense of self or others we call them a murderer.  If one person knowingly breaks the law we call them a criminal.  If one person commits adultery, or swindles the widow and poor out of their money we call them immoral.  If one person forces another to abide by their religious beliefs we call them a tyrant.  And yet, when those people are our fellow citizens, our friends and brothers and sisters, all of the sudden they are surely misguided, misunderstood, or misinformed in their decision making.  I think not, folks.

Looking for something good and fun to give your kids, or to read with them?  Check out Countryside!


Y’all have a great rest of your day, ladies and gentlemen!  Be kind.  Be merciful.  Be just.  Follow God.  Then find some Christmas lights or a tree to look at and let your heart and your mind remember what it is like to be a little child.  🙂  God Bless you and yours and America!


— JT Cope IV

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Daily Posts – Doing What I Want vs Doing What I Ought

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Morning, folks!  Hope the day is going well.  Just a brief thought before we get started today.  A paraphrase of a quote passed onto me by my father this morning.  “Certain people are always concerned with minority rights when they are the minority, but when they are in the majority there are no minority rights.”  If we are truly going to care for the “least of these” we must always be concerned with the rights of all.  That doesn’t mean by a million miles we must change the concept of morality to accommodate them, but outside of morality it does mean we must treat them the same way we would like to be treated.  Now we’ll move on …

We often do what we don’t want to do, or perhaps we do what we know we should not do.  That does not excuse us from our actions, or make them any better, but it does necessitate an acceptance of the existence of sin.  It also give you hope that you are not alone in your struggle.  Those who cannot even acknowledge the sin within them are far worse off than those who can, but worst of all are those who acknowledge it and then try to pretend it does not matter … to them or to anyone around them.

Culture today seems to tell us we need to have it all: a job, a family, money, you name it.  Except what culture, and a good number of our fellow citizens in the west are ignoring is that you literally can’t have it all.  For every hour you give to one thing, that is an hour you take away from another.  To quote a piece of advice given to me at the beginning of my college career years ago, “You can do any two things (academics, social, or athletics) well, but you can’t do all three.”  If you want money, chase it.  If you want a job, chase it.  But realize that while you are spending twelve house plus a day chasing them, someone else is raising your family and comforting your spouse.  And somewhere in all that God is still waiting.

This nonsense about bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle, and compromising … when exactly do our fellow Americans do that?  Were the British willing to compromise?  No, and they left no room for our founders to even though they desperately wanted to reconcile.  Our brethren today pick an untenable and destructive position, and then they tell us that it is our stubbornness and -phobias that are preventing reconciliation, all the while screaming so loudly at us that they could not hear us even if they were inclined to listen.

Take a break from the world and a little trip down to Countryside.  Hope still resides there.  🙂


Have a wonderful day folks.  Make every effort not to compromise in such a way that we hurt more than help “the least of these”.  Some things just cannot be negotiated on.  Some things can.



— JT Cope IV




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Daily Posts – The Gift, the Truth, and Assertion

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Morning, folks!  Hope all is well.  There is a lot going on in our world and our country these days.  It all boils down to one thing really though, the truth.  Contrary to what large segments of western culture repeatedly try to tell us today, and from other parts of the world as well, there is the truth and a lie.  Not everyone is right from their own point of view.  The real crux of the issue, to quote a man from thousands of years ago, is “what is truth?”  That man had Truth staring him in the face.  We do as well.  Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it any less true.  Make sure you are paying attention to a source that doesn’t change with the whims of society or politicians.

Doing what is wrong carries consequences, folks.  The gift of mercy does give us eternal life, but it doesn’t prevent us from having to deal with the destruction around us from our poor and sinful decisions; it just means we have a Friend going through it with us.

There are many subjects today that millions of Americans find distasteful to discuss: abortion, homosexual relationships, Islam and terrorism, mass shootings and the second amendment, criminal immigration … just to name a few.  Not discussing them, makes the truth about them no less true, however.  All we do by not talking about them is to kick the can down the road for our children and grandchildren to deal with, and that is just a variant of cowardice.

Very few people wish to be in times of trial.  Most people wish their fellow brethren were not destroying America, but to quote Mr. Tolkien, “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”  The crisis will soon be at hand, and the decision presented to us to leave our grandchildren a failing and godforsaken country, or one where they still maintain the rights given by Him who made the universe.

Looking for a story to read where good still battles evil, and where men and women of character still live.  Check out Countryside and see what you think!  It might restore your hope a little, maybe fill your heart a bit, and at least make you smile.


Y’all have a good rest of your day, folks.  Remember there is a Truth our there, and it is not ambiguous or ever-changing.  And think just a minute or two about what America is headed toward and which options are really still left to you. God Bless you and yours and America.


— JT Cope IV



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Daily Posts – Life, Responsibility, and Vanishing Choices

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Morning, folks!  Hope it is a good one so far.  Other than the normal posts for today, wherever you are, at some point try to take a minute to think of and say a prayer for the young Americans down on our southern border, out in the cold or the heat, and the wind and the rain, protecting us from an unruly mob.  They are getting rocks and slurs and worse thrown at them not only from the mob on the outside, but from the mob on the inside, so we can sit in our classrooms and offices and sleep more soundly and warmly tonight in our homes.

“Once for all” … this pretty much sums it up folks.  All you need to do for the amazing and seemingly unbelievable gift of eternal life is to acknowledge your sins and believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God raised from the dead.  You don’t have to wait on a vote, or take out a loan, or go to school for a degree.  It’s that simple.

No matter your circumstances, no one besides you is responsible for the actions you take.  You can blame them on poverty, bad parents, evil men, mental disabilities, or even a corrupt government all you like, but at the end of the day they still belong to you.

You cannot negotiate with people who see no wrong in killing unborn children, performing every deviant sexual act, taking money by force from those who work for it to give to those who do not work for it, or allowing men and women who take more than they give to the country to vote.  It really is that simple, folks.

If you’re looking for a good, clean book for your kids or your whole family.  A fun place to visit with a bit of action and adventure, mystery and romance all rolled into one.  Please check out Countryside.


Have a great rest of your day folks.  Remember those young people we have down on the border defending us, and the ones oversees for that matter.  And try to think a little bit about just how far you are willing to go, or have your grandchildren to go, to keep the peace.

— JT Cope IV


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Daily Posts – Life, the Devil, and a Stacked Deck

Posted on by jtcopeiv

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!  Try to remember a couple of things when the deck is stacked against you.  One, remember why you fight and Who is on your side.  Two, remember men and women have gone through this before and come out on top.

For those of us who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, no matter what the outcome is here on earth, we can rest assured what the outcome will be on the other side in eternity.  Let that comfort seep into your soul.

No matter how good you want to make their intentions, folks.  No matter how much you want to see it from their point of view.  No matter how much you have been told over and over again there are always mitigating circumstances.  You just can’t meet in the middle on moral issues, no matter who the person is on the other side.

Odds have been overwhelming for the American citizen to come out on top before.  Yes we have money, media coverage, and criminals of every stripe against us, not to mention some people that you have always seen to be good inside up to this point.  None of these however will excuse us for delivering over our families to servitude, bread lines, and a loss of the greatest nation on earth.

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Y’all have a good day.  Think about what is going on in the world, even if it is not fun to think about.  Most importantly pray … a lot.


— JT Cope IV


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