Fall is Coming …

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So for those of you who have lost hope, and find it too depressing to even look at your thermometers, fall is actually on the way. Regardless of the number of triple digit days in a row, cooler weather (much like the pumpkin vines in our backyard garden) is creeping ever steadily toward us. There are a number of wonderful things that come with fall, and two of them started this last weekend. The first is Texas high school football, which is a post in and of itself for another time. The second is the ever-anticipated (by me at least) return of a drink.

Some of you out there have probably already guessed it, may have even had one already, but each year around Labor Day there is a drink that comes back. It has flavors from nutmeg to cloves, and some mysteries in between, but the pumpkin flavor is what gives it away. Sometimes it’s iced, sometimes blended, and perhaps at this time of year that staves off heat exhaustion simply by holding the cup. Eventually though, whether in a few weeks or many, at some point it is best enjoyed hot.

Now some out there are just not a fan of pumpkin, and some will tell you the drink is made too sweet, but for me it has become part of the fall rituals, and it’s “worth” driving a few miles for. I won’t name names or try to convince you it’s the best drink ever, but I will leave you with this picture, and the hope that sooner rather than later, cooler weather will show up, even in Texas.

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