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Afternoon, folks!  Hope all is well today.  Had another little moment that brought to mind something to share.  I see it every day, in multiple places.  It takes people away from those they care about.  It pretends to replace the emotional connection with friends, kids, spouse, and even God.  It gives people a false sense of being cared about and important.  And it is EVERYWHERE.  In our shops, our schools, our homes, and even our churches.  It’s not that big.  You might not even notice it if you saw it lying on a table.  Thirty years ago it was unheard of.  It’s a “smart” phone.  A little piece of plastic that causes people to look down toward their feet more than at what is in front of them.  You cannot replace people with plastic, folks.  No amount of texts, or messages, or followers will ever replace the flesh and blood you have staring you in the face.  Just ask yourself this one simple question.  When you are 80 years old and lying sick in bed, will the phone, or all the followers and messengers and likers be there to hold your hand?  

People cannot believe if they do not know what we are talking about.  And they cannot know what we are talking about if we do not show them.  The talking must come as well in certain forms, but it must always be the doing that convinces people to listen with their hearts.  Are we talking to anyone about Jesus?  More importantly are we showing Jesus to anyone by our actions?  

A team is called a team for a reason.  No matter how great one member is, they are still nothing without their team.  I have yet to see a one man basketball team, or a one man football team.  Such is the way in life too.  You can’t have a one person marriage, and your kids only get half the story if they do not have a mom and a dad.  We need to remind ourselves that the next time we get to thinking that we are so good we do not need anyone.    

A federal government should have an extremely tight rein on a very few issues.  Sanctity of Life.  Control of our nations borders.  Defense against external threats.  Equality of justice for all her citizens.  It is a pretty limited list, folks.  Nothing like it has grown to be.  We do need a strong federal government, we just need them to be strong in a few things, and leave the rest of it to the states.    

Carriages, tunnels, country estates, cattle, and a whole lot of Texas.  Come take a visit to Countryside!  You’ll find some old fashioned manners and kindness to mix with laughter and music and a little bit of mystery.  

Hope y’all have a great rest of your day!  Focus on your people more than you do your phone.  We can always buy a new phone … people are a bit harder to come by.  Enjoy the end of fall too, and look at a few Christmas lights and let yourself be a kid when you can.  God bless you and yours and America!

— JT Cope IV

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