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Morning, folks!  Hope it is a good one so far.  Other than the normal posts for today, wherever you are, at some point try to take a minute to think of and say a prayer for the young Americans down on our southern border, out in the cold or the heat, and the wind and the rain, protecting us from an unruly mob.  They are getting rocks and slurs and worse thrown at them not only from the mob on the outside, but from the mob on the inside, so we can sit in our classrooms and offices and sleep more soundly and warmly tonight in our homes.

“Once for all” … this pretty much sums it up folks.  All you need to do for the amazing and seemingly unbelievable gift of eternal life is to acknowledge your sins and believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God raised from the dead.  You don’t have to wait on a vote, or take out a loan, or go to school for a degree.  It’s that simple.

No matter your circumstances, no one besides you is responsible for the actions you take.  You can blame them on poverty, bad parents, evil men, mental disabilities, or even a corrupt government all you like, but at the end of the day they still belong to you.

You cannot negotiate with people who see no wrong in killing unborn children, performing every deviant sexual act, taking money by force from those who work for it to give to those who do not work for it, or allowing men and women who take more than they give to the country to vote.  It really is that simple, folks.

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Have a great rest of your day folks.  Remember those young people we have down on the border defending us, and the ones oversees for that matter.  And try to think a little bit about just how far you are willing to go, or have your grandchildren to go, to keep the peace.

— JT Cope IV


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