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Morning, folks!  Hope the day is going well.  Just a brief thought before we get started today.  A paraphrase of a quote passed onto me by my father this morning.  “Certain people are always concerned with minority rights when they are the minority, but when they are in the majority there are no minority rights.”  If we are truly going to care for the “least of these” we must always be concerned with the rights of all.  That doesn’t mean by a million miles we must change the concept of morality to accommodate them, but outside of morality it does mean we must treat them the same way we would like to be treated.  Now we’ll move on …

We often do what we don’t want to do, or perhaps we do what we know we should not do.  That does not excuse us from our actions, or make them any better, but it does necessitate an acceptance of the existence of sin.  It also give you hope that you are not alone in your struggle.  Those who cannot even acknowledge the sin within them are far worse off than those who can, but worst of all are those who acknowledge it and then try to pretend it does not matter … to them or to anyone around them.

Culture today seems to tell us we need to have it all: a job, a family, money, you name it.  Except what culture, and a good number of our fellow citizens in the west are ignoring is that you literally can’t have it all.  For every hour you give to one thing, that is an hour you take away from another.  To quote a piece of advice given to me at the beginning of my college career years ago, “You can do any two things (academics, social, or athletics) well, but you can’t do all three.”  If you want money, chase it.  If you want a job, chase it.  But realize that while you are spending twelve house plus a day chasing them, someone else is raising your family and comforting your spouse.  And somewhere in all that God is still waiting.

This nonsense about bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle, and compromising … when exactly do our fellow Americans do that?  Were the British willing to compromise?  No, and they left no room for our founders to even though they desperately wanted to reconcile.  Our brethren today pick an untenable and destructive position, and then they tell us that it is our stubbornness and -phobias that are preventing reconciliation, all the while screaming so loudly at us that they could not hear us even if they were inclined to listen.

Take a break from the world and a little trip down to Countryside.  Hope still resides there.  🙂


Have a wonderful day folks.  Make every effort not to compromise in such a way that we hurt more than help “the least of these”.  Some things just cannot be negotiated on.  Some things can.



— JT Cope IV




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