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The refrain is loud and getting louder.  Somehow, in one of the grandest ironies in modern western civilization, if you support Christian ethics you are cold, uncaring, bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, racist, and the list goes on.  Somehow those whose Master tells them “to look after orphans and widows in their distress” and to “love your neighbor as yourself” are supposed to have become the uncaring scrooges who think only of themselves.  I think not.

A prime example of this delusion is the current “crisis” over funding a border wall or not.  Americans are told they are cruel for not encouraging people to come break our laws.  Christians are particularly told how mean-spirited and hypocritical they are.  Yet, no part of the Old or New Testament encourages the breaking of laws or lawlessness when it comes to national sovereignty.  Quite the opposite.  Yet, today, if you espouse the opinion that there needs to be national sovereignty and a secure border, to a large percentage of the American population that makes you cruel, -phobic, and heartless.  Christians by definition are commanded to do two things, love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.  Within these fall all sorts of instructions such as care for the widow, care for the orphan, do not steal, and more and more.  The point is that all the various instructions are summed up by the greatest two commandments that Jesus named.  So if those who call themselves Christians are truly cruel and uncaring then we either are not doing a very good job of following Jesus Christ, or something is amiss. 

First off, there can be a fantastic argument made that Christians are not doing a very good job following Jesus Christ.  However, this has much more to do with not standing up against immorality than it does being dismissive and judgmental of the cares and troubles of others.  Fathers abandon their wives and children.  Mothers have babies out of wedlock.  Abortion leaves emotional, and physical scars.  Theft, both through legalized taxation and through criminal activities, takes away money from families that could have been passed on to children.  The list goes on and on.  And yet so many citizens who claim to serve Christ support and encourage either these behaviors, or they downplay and soften the detrimental impact of these behaviors.  Often the poorest, most needy communities are hit hardest by these situations.  Why is the solution put forward by so many to throw more money at them, and other people’s money at that?  The bottom line is that you cannot throw money or laws at a problem and hope that it leaves you alone.  That is like throwing food at a bear that is chasing you.  It might stop the bear for a moment or two, but eventually he is gonna come looking for more, especially if you make a habit of it.  We have to actually DO something to encourage the bear to find its own source of food. 

So, back to the second possibility that something is amiss, and the example of the current border crisis.  There is indeed a border crisis, but it isn’t over funding or not funding a wall; the funding required is less than 0.1 percent of the behemoth funding our federal government claims they require now.  It is over the deception and immorality of a large and growing number of our brothers and sisters that we must let people in who are breaking the law or we are uncaring.  As Christians we are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Yes, this is true.  The poor people from South and Central America are our neighbors.  Yes, this is true.  And yet, are they are closest neighbors and even more to the point, are we actually acting loving toward them?  

What about the poor and needy here in America?  Do we have no poverty here?  Are there no widows and orphans already in need in the cities and heartland of America?  The answer of course is an obvious yes.  So why do we not have all the screaming and yelling about caring for them?  Well, I suppose we do, but it is from a very dishonest corner that is getting the most notice.  Giving the poor money, making them permanently dependent instead of temporarily in need, this is not kind.  And indeed it is, or should be criminal, when the money being given is not one’s own, but your neighbors.  And what of those coming from South and Central America again; are we really being loving?  Is it loving to tell them to come against our laws, to hide in our cities, and to take, not ask, from others what is not their own?  No, of course not.  It is never loving to teach or encourage someone to steal.

Some here who know scripture will point to the Canaanite woman and her response about eating the crumbs under the table.  Yet even Jesus here states that it is not right to take from children already members of the family to give to those not of the family.  He does indeed heal the woman’s daughter because of her faith, but His primary role was to the children of Israel.  Our primary role should be to the children of America already here, not to those who are trying to break in and steal from them. 

This does beg the question of why there are so many American citizens who want to take away from their brothers and sisters to give to those who are not.  Is it out of the goodness of their hearts?  No, if that was the case they would be offering up their own homes and their own fortunes and that of their own children to feed, clothe, and house these poor coming up from South and Central America.  So what then are their motives?  What do they get out of allowing a weakened boarder and damaging America’s sovereignty and ability to defend herself?  That, is a very good question indeed, and one which may well give us a clue as to what is coming in the future for our families and our beloved country. 

-JT Cope IV

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